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Help support my mission trip to Paris, Lausanne and Florence

I hope this letter finds you well.  I have some exciting news I want to share with you and also ask how you might help.  We have been part of Journey Church, for the last year that loves and supports the Arts.  I am so grateful for the ways in which I feel supported as an artist there.  Journey Arts Collective is a ministry within the church that supports artists of all kinds.  They have invited me to share my artistry in different ways.  I painted a live painting during Advent.  I taught an Encaustic (wax-based medium) workshop for one of the gatherings.  And, most recently, they have invited me to participate in an Artist trip to Europe this fall.
The Worship Arts Pastor at Journey says, “Our goal on this trip is to remove the noise and ask the artists to slow down, to create space for them to experience restoration as they take time to be with God and one another. We want them to see God’s voice reveal their own as they participate in a series of self-evaluation exercises to help bring clarity of purpose and direction.  The journey will create an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for who we are and the world in which we live.”  I am also hoping that I can create ways for Waking Up Grey (the book I wrote on creative recovery) to have a larger international impact as it reaches more communities worldwide.

What Will Each Day Look Like?

Our time together will be spent in the cities of Paris, Lausanne and Florence. Each day will be broken up into 3 different experiences:
1) Space: We will be taken through a series of self-evaluation exercises that involve the community we are with and the cities we are in to explore our identity and purpose. It will also be a time to be still, reflect and pray. 
2) Explore: We will have time each day to go and explore the city and choose our own adventure.
3) Community: We will be sitting in the homes of different local artists to share a meal as we hear their story and experience their art. It is an opportunity to learn from, encourage and pray for these artists. 

An Artist's Response

One of the ways we’ll be responding to our experiences on the trip will be through the expression of our art. It is the aim of Journey Church to have an event and something online so we can share this art with those artists who participate as well as our sponsors. We look forward to inviting you to these spaces where art and story is celebrated.
Will you pray?  Here are a few suggestions for the ways you might consider praying for us:
1. God prepares us for the adventure ahead. What we have planned will be a challenging experience for all those who come.
2. We "love well" the artists we get to interact with. Those that know Jesus are encouraged in their journey with him, and those that don't yet know him experience a taste of his grace.
3. For God to lead us in how we organize all the details of the trip and finances to be found.
4. Good health and safe travels.
Perhaps you can consider supporting me financially for the journey.  If you have already, a deep thank you!  If this is the first time you've heard of this trip, you can follow this link to find out more about what is needed:  It is password protected, so you will need this password to gain access to the page: JACeuro16. Please visit this website often, as new information will be posted intermittently.
I need to raise my first $1,000 by August 1.  We leave October 6 and return on the 18th.  I am greatly anticipating hearing from God in ways I can’t hear from him at home.  Thanks so much for supporting me as an artist and supporting this piece of my artist development.
With anticipation and gratitude,
Jennie Schut


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